Upcoming Eisenhower National Airport Construction

NOTICE: The exit ramp from westbound U.S. Highway 54/400 to Eisenhower Airport Parkway/Ridge Road will be closed Tuesday, June 18 from 9am – 3pm only. To get to the airport, continue west to the Tyler Road exit, make a U-turn. and proceed east along the frontage road to the airport exit.

February 21, 2018

Upcoming Eisenhower National Airport Construction

Several projects are slated to begin in 2018 at Eisenhower National Airport, including a demolition of the vacant terminal and a new taxiway.

Upcoming Projects

By Director of Airports, Victor White

Staff began biweekly team meetings with both Conco Construction and Professional Engineering Consultants (PEC) which will last throughout the design and demolition work for the closed airline terminal at Eisenhower National Airport.

Westar Energy representatives and staff met to begin an evaluation of the electrical power feeds into Eisenhower National Airport in order to determine vulnerabilities of the power grid serving the airport and the distribution network on the airport campus. Options will be examined with the goal of minimizing the chance of a total power failure such as the recent incident at the Hartfield Jackson Atlanta airport that shut down the entire facility for about 12 hours.

Staff convened a screening and selection committee this week to interview the three engineering firms which responded to a Request for Qualifications to develop plans and specifications for the construction of the new Taxiway H-2 at Eisenhower Airport. Once built, the taxiway will open-up an area at the northeast portion of the airport for additional business-jet sized aircraft hangar development that would likely provide maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services. Design plans for the project are anticipated to be completed in late spring in order to maximize the funding potential from Federal Aviation Administration grant opportunities.

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