Wichita Airport Authority – City of Wichita Department of Airports

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The Wichita Airport Authority – City of Wichita Department of Airports

The Wichita Airport Authority (WAA) is a governmental body created under Kansas state statutes to own and operate one or more airports.  The City Council of the City of Wichita is self-appointed as the Wichita Airport Authority Board.  Employees of the City of Wichita Airport Department operate, regulate, administer, and maintain the property and assets owned by the WAA.  The Director of Airports, as the department head, reports to the City Manager of the City of Wichita.  A thirteen-member Wichita Airport Advisory Board (WAAB) is appointed the City Council.  The WAAB acts only in an advisory capacity to the Airport Authority Board, City Manager and Director of Airports.

The WAA is operated strictly as an “enterprise” fund.  It does not accept, utilize or compete for revenues or other financial resources of the City of Wichita’s “general” fund.  As such, the WAA is not financially supported by local sales tax, property tax, or other special assessment taxes for the operation, maintenance or capital improvement of Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower or Col. James Jabara Airports.  All operating revenue and capital funding sources for the WAA are derived from operating and lease revenues, federal grants-in-aid, customer facility charges (CFC), and passenger facility charges (PFC).

Organization and Operation

Airports across the country are created, organized and operated in many different ways depending on their respective state statutes, local political structure, size of facility and many other factors.  Here’s how the Wichita Airport Authority – City of Wichita Department of Airports is organized and operated.


Led by the Director of Airports, Airport Administration is comprised of senior-level management, budget/accounting/financial, air service development, contracts and properties, and administrative and clerical support staff.  Other senior-level management staff positions include the Assistant Director of Airports, Finance Manager, Air Service Manager, and Properties and Contracts Manager.  The Airport Administration Division is responsible for the overall leadership, marketing and promotion, administration and business support functions for the Airport Authority.

Engineering and Planning

Led by the Engineering and Planning Manager, Engineering and Planning is comprised of engineering, construction and inspection, environmental, and administrative and clerical support staff.  The Airport Engineering and Planning Division is responsible for the planning and development of most capital improvement program fixed assets.

Ground Facilities and Fleet

Led by the Airport Ground Facilities and Fleet Manager, Ground Facilities and Fleet is comprised of supervisors, equipment operators and mechanics.  The Airport Ground Facilities and Fleet Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of most exterior facilities and assets including grounds maintenance, pavement maintenance, airside snow and ice control, and fleet management and maintenance.

Building and Utilities

Led by the Airport Building and Utilities Manager,  the Building and Utilities Division is comprised of supervisors and most skilled trades including electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, carpentry as well as some semi-skilled disciplines.  The Custodial section is also included within this division.  The Airport Building and Utilities Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of most building structures and systems as well as the medium voltage electric distribution systems, airfield lighting and signage, the surface sensor system, and street-side snow and ice control.

Police and Fire

Led by the Chief, Police and Fire is comprised of supervisors (commissioned), commissioned police and fire officers, non-commissioned security, and administrative support staff.  The Airport Police and Fire Division is responsible for public safety, security, emergency management, and law enforcement on airport property including aircraft rescue and firefighting, law enforcement, emergency medical, security, communications dispatch, ID/access badge processing and issuance, and shares some responsibility for airfield inspections.


Led by the Airport Operations Manager, this work unit is comprised of airport operations officers.  The Airport Operations Division is responsible for airside and landside routine inspection and reporting, discrepancy reporting and follow-up, 14 CFR Part 139 records management including the Airport Certification Manual, 14 CFR Part 139 airfield movement training certification, construction safety management, NOTAM issuance and dissemination, wildlife hazard management,  airspace hazard inspection and reporting, FAA Air Traffic and aeronautical tenant liaison and coordination, and snow and ice control operations.

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