Service Animal Areas at ICT

June 14, 2018

Service Animal Areas at ICT

There are now two service animal areas at ICT. Today, a new private room complete with a sink and self-draining “Porch Potty” was opened to the public. This new room is located on the concourse, post-security, across from Gate 1. There is a sign above the entrance for easy locating.

Previously, the airport only had one relief area for animals. It is still available for use on the non-secure side of the terminal. This fenced area is accessible from the front sidewalk or by exiting the terminal through the double doors past the baggage claim carousels.

The area across from Gate 1 used to be occupied by two family restrooms. The FAA requires that airports provide relief areas for service animals post-security. To accommodate this requirement, one of the family restrooms was transformed into this private animal relief room.

Use of these areas is permitted for service animals as well as pets traveling with their owners.

Read more of our tips for traveling with pets here. Please note that dogs and cats are not allowed to walk around the terminal freely. Emotional support or service animals are the only exception.


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