Q4 2022 Average Airfare Report

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April 28, 2023

Q4 2022 Average Airfare Report

The 4th Quarter 2022 average fare report was released by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics on April 18.  Wichita’s inflation-adjusted fare for Q4 2022 was $441.16, an increase of 15% from Q4 2021.  The fare increased 37% over Q4 2020 when fares sharply decreased during the pandemic.  However, the Q4 2022 fare is 4% less than pre-pandemic Q4 2019.

The average U.S. domestic airfare in the fourth quarter of 2022 was $394, an increase of 20%.

The year 2000 had the highest fares in the industry.  Wichita’s fare is down 38% from Q4 2000 levels.

Q4 2022 Average Inflation-Adjusted Fares

PEER AIRPORTQ4 2022Q4 2021Q4 2020Q4 2019Q4 2022 vs Q4 2021Q4 2022 vs Q4 2020Q4 2022 vs Q4 2019Q4 2000Q4 2022 vs Q4 2000
U.S. Average$393.85$327.13$297.86$412.43$66.7220%$95.9932%-$18.58-5%$581.36-$187.51-32%
Oklahoma City$437.02$376.70$329.22$452.52$60.3216%$107.8033%-$15.50-3%$522.92-$85.90-16%
Des Moines$402.52$362.38$301.39$454.40$40.1411%$101.1334%-$51.88-11%$676.03-$273.51-40%
Little Rock$447.19$383.41$326.70$479.00$63.7817%$120.4937%-$31.81-7%$508.74-$61.55-12%
Northwest Arkansas$527.12$418.96$385.17$542.99$108.1626%$141.9537%-$15.87-3%$656.63-$129.51-20%
Cedar Rapids$449.27$371.17$301.46$478.61$78.1121%$147.8149%-$29.34-6%$726.97-$277.70-38%

The BTS fares report average itinerary fares.  These fares are based on domestic itinerary fares, round-trip or one-way for which no return is purchased. Fares are based on the total ticket value which consists of the price charged by the airlines plus any additional taxes and fees levied by an outside entity at the time of purchase. Fares include only the price paid at the time of the ticket purchase and do not include other fees, such as baggage fees, paid at the airport or onboard the aircraft. Averages do not include frequent-flyer or ‘zero fares’ or a few abnormally high reported fares.

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