United Upgrades Aircraft to Chicago

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June 29, 2016

United Upgrades Aircraft to Chicago

United Airlines is now offering flights to Chicago out of Wichita aboard a mainline jet rather than a regional jet for the first time in more than a decade.

Seeing a need for more capacity, the airline has upgraded one of its four daily Chicago flights to a Boeing 737 or Airbus 319 or 320. Passengers aboard the larger planes will enjoy snack and beverage service and United personal device entertainment. Depending on the aircraft, the larger planes are configured with 118-179 seats. The regional jets carry between 50-70 passengers.

The airline announced the change April 6 — United Airlines’ 90th anniversary — and the airport celebrated by offering passengers coffee and cake at the gate.

“United Airlines deserves the credit for meeting our need for more capacity to Chicago.    Our passengers will enjoy the amenities offered on their mainline aircraft,” said Victor White, Airport Director.

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