TSA Urges Travelers to Enroll in TSA PreCheck

December 16, 2020

TSA Urges Travelers to Enroll in TSA PreCheck

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) launched a new “Travel With Ease” campaign to encourage passengers to enroll in TSA PreCheck® if they plan to travel soon.

TSA PreCheck offers travelers the convenience and confidence they are looking for as they think about traveling again. The “Travel With Ease” campaign reinforces that TSA PreCheck benefits are even more valuable in today’s environment. Travelers can now ease back to traveling with greater comfort, convenience and the least amount of physical contact.

“TSA has made considerable changes to its checkpoint processes to make commercial air travel more safe and secure for everyone during the pandemic,” said TSA Administrator David Pekoske. “Obtaining TSA PreCheck is something that each traveler can do to make the checkpoint experience even more efficient, eliminating several contact points, which in most cases, includes the need for a bin.”

Those enrolled in TSA PreCheck can conveniently pass through the TSA checkpoint wearing their shoes, belts and lightweight jackets. Electronics, travel-size liquids and gels remain in a TSA PreCheck passenger’s bag. TSA says passengers usually wait less than five minutes at checkpoints.

The TSA PreCheck application process is a simple and can be started online and at home. Travelers can apply online and schedule an appointment at any of the more than 400 enrollment centers. To find the closest enrollment center, go to: How can I find an enrollment center. The applicant then must attend a 10-minute or less in-person appointment that includes fingerprinting for a background check and a payment of $85 for the 5-year membership. According to TSA, many credit cards and loyalty programs also reimburse the application fees.     

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