December 4, 2018

Making Raving Fans of ICT

We love to celebrate our employees who make raving fans of the airport through outstanding customer service. This month, we honor two airport employees!

Joann Pitcher | Delta

We thank Joann Pitcher with Delta who went above and beyond to help during a delayed flight. We received this email in regards to her amazing customer service:

“I would like to bring attention to Jo who is a guest services agent (guessing as to the area) with Delta. She assisted an elderly couple to the gate for Delta flight 2463. The flight was delayed and she was going out of her way to assist all passengers but particularly those needing extra assistance. She learned their names and was concerned about their comfort and needs. She is a great representative for Delta and your airport.”

Bill Driver | Courtesy Crew

We also want to thank Bill Driver with our Courtesy Crew for providing detailed information to a customer at the airport. Dave received this comment on Twitter:

“I got greeted at @FlyICT by a man who showed me the plane in flight on the radar, landing time, time he would be walking down the stairs and what carousel number for baggage claim. Making it the most polite and enjoyable airport in the nation #aircapital #goodjobICT.”

For their outstanding service, all of our winners receive a certificate, gift cards and upgraded garage parking for one month.

2018 Winners

Esmeralda Caballero | ABM

Reginal “Dante” Cooper | ABM

Tammy Cole | TSA

Michael Kahnt | ABM

Bonita Thome | TSA

Linda Bolack | TSA

Dave Eck | Courtesy Crew

Bill Driver | Courtesy Crew

Joann Pitcher | Delta

Are you a Raving Fan of ICT?

Has one of our employees gone above and beyond for you? We’d love to hear from you! Email your story to Valerie Wise,

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