Making Raving Fans of ICT

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January 16, 2019

Making Raving Fans of ICT

We love to celebrate our employees who make raving fans of the airport through outstanding customer service. This month, we honor one of our TSA agents as the very first recipient of the Raving Fan Award of 2019.

Andrea Freeman | TSA

We share our gratitude for TSA agent, Andrea Freeman. Not only are we appreciative of her continued dedication to her duties, but she has also shown outstanding customer service and care for a recent traveler. Here is her story:

Kansas TSO Helps Distressed Passenger

Officer’s situational awareness and attention to detail help passenger in need

It was a typical day for TSO Andrea Freeman at Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport until a distressed passenger approached her.

“She was repeating herself and had me repeat my questions,” said Freeman, who at that time was checking passenger travel documents at the Wichita, Kansas airport. “She kept touching her face and eyes, trying to focus.”

The passenger was confused and said she was experiencing trouble seeing clearly.

“I needed to remain calm for her benefit,” said Freeman. The Officer offered the passenger a seat and asked if she needed medical attention. As the woman sat down, she told Freeman that she had been in a car accident on her way to the airport but was trying to make her flight because she was concerned about re-booking.

“I took into account what she told me and how she was behaving,” said Freeman. “I also asked myself what I would want if I were in her shoes. Hopefully, someone would recognize that I needed medical attention and do the right thing.”

Surveying the surroundings, Freeman noticed that the line was starting to back up. Another Officer approached to help. Freeman ensured the other Officer could take over travel document checking duties and escorted the passenger toward the ticket counter.

When Freeman saw a law enforcement officer she told him about the passenger’s medical condition and he took the woman to the hospital.

Freeman credits her heightened attention to detail and situational awareness to both her TSA training and her military experience.

“Andrea has always been the ultimate professional,” said AFSD-Screening Loren Rockey. “She comes to work every day with an attitude to provide security for the flying public to the best of her ability and in the friendliest way possible. She succeeds in this goal daily.”

“Great job, Andrea! You prove that there are still good people in the world that truly believe in helping their fellow man,” added Rockey.

For their outstanding service, all of our winners receive a certificate, gift cards and upgraded garage parking for one month.

*This article and photos were provided courtesy of Sam Fuller and TSA Public Affairs.

Wichita Eisenhower Airport is grateful for Andrea and the entire TSA staff here in Wichita. Their continued dedication during the government shutdown is recognized and appreciated by all.

Are you a Raving Fan of ICT?

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