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June 3, 2015

It Changes Today

June 3, 2015

It changes today –  a new era in air travel begins in Wichita.   Traveling through Wichita Eisenhower National Airport has been greatly improved and it couldn’t be easier.   These are some of the features to look forward to:

  • A spacious ticketing wing is equipped with self-check in kiosks for a more efficient check-in process. Escalators, elevators, or stairs will take you to the second floor for security screening.
  • No more long walks to the gates.  Your walk is now 40-60% of what it used to be.
  • If you need to charge your cell phone or laptop, just look under your gate seat.  786 outlets and USB ports attached to new Arconas Flyaway seating for plugging in your mobile devices.
  • And as always, WiFi is free throughout the terminal.
  • Larger public restrooms with 59 stalls for women, 52 stalls for men, and 5 family restrooms.  Plentiful stalls in all restrooms, and the doors open out.
  • There’s plenty to eat and drink on the concourse:  Air Capital Bar, Chick-Fil-A, Dunkin’ Donuts, Grab & Fly, River City Brewing Co.  The Aviator’s Cafe is located on the first floor for those who are not flying.
  • There are three retail shops on the concourse:  CNBC Smart Shop, CNBC News Express, and Air Capital Market.  The Wichita Luxury Collection, a retail shop, will be located on the first floor.
  • Outbound passenger baggage handling systems with inline explosives detection security screening.
  • Centralized outbound baggage make-up room with two large outbound carousels
  • Covered curbside and covered crosswalks to parking and rental cars
  • Much larger TSA security checkpoint area
  • The new terminal was designed to reflect  Wichita’s aviation prominence.
  • Wichita’s rich aviation history has produced many important people and manufacturers to the aviation world. Historical exhibits are located throughout the terminal to provide educational opportunities for passengers and visitors alike.  On the public mezzanine, the wing-like exhibits contain historical data and graphics explaining the rich history of Wichita’s aviation heritage.
  • The curvilinear roof form serves as a large gestural element evoking the dynamic motion of flight. The metal roof gently swoops upward from the center of the terminal, welcoming passengers as they enter the immediate terminal area.  Likewise, the curve appears on the interior, allowing maximum daylight for the passengers and employees of the airport to enjoy.
  • The iconic features of the ceiling elements located in the ticketing, baggage claim and concourse are meant to evoke the interiors of aircraft. The gentle bevel of the ceiling element is reminiscent of the window and surrounding casing on the interior of aircraft.  In combination with ample daylighting, indirect lighting within the ceiling elements will softly fill the interiors with light.
  • The new state-of-the-art terminal has two levels and features 12 gates. The image of the building is designed to express flight and exemplify Wichita’s globally-prominent position in the aviation industry.  As part of the building design, there are special public art and exhibits which document the rich aviation tradition of Wichita, incorporated as integral elements of the terminal design.
  • The upper level concourse has 12 departure lounges, concessions and expanded passenger security screening to meet TSA’s latest and potential future standards.
  • Twelve (12) boarding gates each equipped with a glass boarding bridge with pre-conditioned air and ground power for aircraft.  The jet bridges can be raised or lowered to accommodate all aircraft (except small GA aircraft).  No more loading or unloading your aircraft outside.
  • The art sculpture in the main terminal is composed of cable and laminated dichroic glass mounted to the ceiling above the ticketing counters, baggage claim, and central mezzanine lobby areas. This sculpture is 330 feet in length and spans between columns under the skylights.  The art is meant to evoke images and feelings of flight and space as well as ascent and descent. Light from the skylights above will provide a continual changing color pattern on the walls and floor below.
  • The much needed parking garage right across the street couldn’t be easier.
  • The rental car center is modern and beautiful.  Visitors to Wichita will undoubtedly be impressed and appreciate the convenience; cars can now be picked up and dropped off inside.

We are confident that you will be proud of your airport.  First-time visitors to Wichita will now have a very positive first impression – that changes today too!

Many thanks to our sponsors for their support during our dedication events for our new terminal and parking facilities.

  • Spirit Aerosystems, Presenting Sponsor
  • Crossland Construction Company
  • Key Construction/Walbridge, a joint venture
  • HNTB Architecture
  • Civil Technology, Inc.
  • Cargill
  • Building Controls & Services, Inc.
  • Automatic Systems Inc.
  • InTrust Bank
  • GLMV Architecture
  • Professional Engineering Consultants
  • Cornejo & Sons
  • FSC MEP Engineers
  • Logplan
  • Carl Walker Inc
  • Leigh Fisher
  • MSE Branded Foods
  • Dr. Thom & Adrienne Rosenberg
  • Jaco
  • Leasecorp Aviation
  • KGFI
  • Schaefer Johnson Cox & Frey
  • Baughman
  • Clear Channel
  • Visit Wichita
  • EagleMed
  • The McCollom Family
  • The Martens Companies
  • ABM Parking
  • Chrysallis Aviation Solutions
  • Kruse Corporation
  • Wichita Federal Credit Union
  • Hentzen Contractors, Inc.
  • Enterprise Rent A Car

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