Alaska Airlines is Celebrating One Year in ICT - Where Would You Go Contest

Pick a Place and You Could Win a $200 Gift Certificate

Alaska Airlines will get you to see far more places than Alaska and the Northern Lights. See the Pacific Northwest, for example, or Mt. Hood, or the beautiful Boise National Forest. Have a look at the most popular destinations Alaska Airlines offers through its Seattle connection — a daily nonstop flight from ICT — and tell us where you’d go. We can help make that happen. You could win a gift certificate worth $200 off the fare and up to 5 days of free parking at ICT.

Alaska Airlines is Celebrating One Year in ICT

We’re giving away 12 gift certificates to celebrate 12 months of Alaska Airlines service in Wichita— that knocks $200 off of the fare for any destination that Alaska Airlines flies from ICT. In addition, parking is on us for up to 5 days at ICT. Winners will be selected at random.

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