February 15, 2013

Wichita Airfares Remain Competitive

Date: February 15, 2013

Contact: Valerie Wise, Air Service & Business Development Manager, 316-946-4700


The U. S. Bureau of Transportation Statistics recently released its third quarter 2012 air fare report, and despite increases in fares over the past three years, Wichita’s third quarter average fare is still less – by 10.1% – than in 2000.  Out of the top 100 U.S. airports, Wichita ranked 17th in largest decrease in fares since 2000. Low-fare carriers are largely credited with keeping fares competitive.

“This is evidence that the Kansas Affordable Air Fares program has been a success in lowering air fares in Wichita, when prices across the country continue to rise at a faster rate,” Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer said, “We are excited about the potential that the arrival of Southwest Airlines in June will have on Wichita’s air service.”

The report shows that Wichita’s average fare increased just .4% from a year earlier but dropped 6% from the previous quarter.  The average third quarter 2012 fare at Wichita was $379 compared to a U.S. average of $367, which increased 1.8% during the third quarter 2012. Compared to regional airports and the national average, Wichita’s fare is less than fares at Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and the gap between Kansas City’s fare and Wichita’s fare has narrowed considerably, as seen in the chart below.

  3Q2000 Avg Fare 3Q12 Avg Fare 2000-2012 % Change  
ICT $422 $379 -10.1%  
MCI $279 $346 +24.0%  
OKC $311 $402 +29.0%  
TUL $308 $431 +39.8%  
US $337 $367 +9.1%  
Source:  Bureau of Transportation Statistics


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