New Terminal Building
The new terminal was designed to reflect Wichita’s aviation prominence. The swooping roof will evoke images of a wing and flight.
New Terminal Building
The new state-of-the-art terminal will have two levels and feature 12 gates. The image of the building is designed to express flight and exemplify Wichita’s globally-prominent position in the aviation industry. As part of the building design, there will be special public art and exhibits which document the rich aviation tradition of Wichita, incorporated as integral elements of the terminal design.
Exterior Roof
The curvilinear roof form serves as a large gestural element evoking the dynamic motion of flight. The metal roof gently swoops upward from the center of the terminal, welcoming passengers as they enter the immediate terminal area. Likewise, the curve appears on the interior, allowing maximum daylight for the passengers and employees of the airport to enjoy.
Ticketing Wing
A spacious ticketing wing will be equipped with self check-in kiosks for a more efficient check-in process. Escalators, elevators, or stairs will take you to the second floor for security screening.
Flooring Design
With inspiration from the contrails of aircraft flying in the sky, the terrazzo design guides passenger flow. Dense lines near high passenger traffic areas then spread out towards the various destination points along the concourse. For example, the design lines are dense near the passenger screening area and then flow thru the floor design in the concourse to the gates.
Escalator to Second Floor Meeter/GreeterArea
Stairs/escalators take you to the second floor mezzanine where you can meet your arriving party.
Aviation History Exhibits
Wichita’s rich aviation history has produced many important people and manufacturers to the aviation world. Historical exhibits are to be located throughout the terminal to provide educational opportunities for passengers and visitors alike. On the public mezzanine, the wing-like exhibits contain historical data and graphics explaining the rich history of Wichita’s aviation heritage.
Security Checkpoint
The security checkpoint area is large enough to handle large volumes of passengers, with four lanes, state-of- the-art security screening equipment, and expandable space for future demand.
Security Exit to Gates
Once you emerge from the screening checkpoint, you’ll enter the open concourse area.
Ceiling Elements
The iconic features of the ceiling elements located in the ticketing, baggage claim and concourse are meant to evoke the interiors of aircraft. The gentle bevel of the ceiling element is reminiscent of the window and surrounding casing on the interior of aircraft. In combination with ample daylighting, indirect lighting within the ceiling elements will softly fill the interiors with light.


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