Sustainability Program

Recycling is one of America’s greatest environmental success stories. The Wichita Airport Authority and its tenant partners are proud to be a part of this important sustainability initiative, and make a significant contribution to the growth in recyclable recoveries in the state of Kansas.

In 2007 the Wichita Airport Authority recognized the importance to enhance, expand and formalize its recycling program throughout its facilities. That same year the Airport Building Maintenance Division began analysis of the needs and requirements for various recyclables. In May 2008 the first recycling of paper products began. After achieving marked success within months, the program expanded to include other recyclable materials such as aluminum, corrugated cardboard, plastic, tires, waste oils, batteries and asphalt. To further its commitment to sustainability, goals and initiatives were set towards training, education and establishing partnerships in this initiative. Throughout 2008 and 2009, meetings were held to introduce the goals of the initiative to tenants of Wichita Mid-Continent Airport. From this coordination and partnership effort the “Green Team” was born. The Green Team is an effective and successful coalition of airport tenants with the goal of educating, promoting, partnering and implementing a highly successful campus sustainability program. The Green Team now consists of The Wichita Airport Authority and twenty-nine airport tenants.

Wichita Airport Authority staff and its Green Team members were educated on the importance of a sustainability program and trained on techniques to reduce, reuse and recycle. Analysis and data collection of environmental savings are routinely calculated and reported to Green Team members. These reports calculate the net effect of our recycle efforts to conservation of trees, energy usage, water, and landfill space. These Green Team efforts, in addition to improved equipment, recovery methods and collection systems, have consistently increased our recycled material volumes over previous reporting periods since the program’s inception.

In the first year, collections generated 52 tons of recyclable materials which translate savings to the ecological system of 1,022 trees, 1,831,965 KWh of energy, and hundreds of cubic square yards in landfills. Realizing these savings and benefits to our ecological system proves to be a tremendous motivation to our Green Team, whose goal is to make Wichita Mid-Continent Airport one of the most eco-friendly airports in the region!

Now, with the vision of one million pounds of recyclables in sight, even more interest in the Green Team’s recycling program has developed. With requests for information from students, local and national organizations, the Wichita Airport Authority’s sustainability program has gained greater visibility. The Green Team has been recognized as one of the most highly successful local sustainability programs by the Wichita Visioneering Environmental Sustainability Alliance.

We are very pleased that you have chosen to visit our Sustainability Program site to learn more about our program. It is with great pride that we recognize and compliment our Airport employees and tenant members of the Green Team (see GREEN TEAM MEMBERS tab) for their on-going commitment to environmental sustainability programs.
We wish to invite you back to this site periodically to keep up with our progress and future sustainability successes!


The Wichita Mid-Continent Airport Sustainability Program was a recipient of the  Airports Going Green Award in 2013.  This prestigious award recognizes the value of the Airport’s environmental and conservation efforts, as well as outstanding leadership in pursuit of sustainability within the aviation industry.  The Wichita Airport Authoritywas recognized for its efforts and presented the Award at the 6th Annual Airports Going Green Conference in Chicago, IL on November 13, 2013.  The Airports Going Green Conference is the aviation industry’s leading sustainability forum, bringing sustainability leaders and innovators together from all over the U.S. and around the world.

2011 Regional Clean Air and Sustainability Award.  The Wichita Airport Authority was the proud recipient of the Wichita Metro Air Quality Improvement Task Force 2011 Regional Clean Air and Sustainability Award.