Parking Info

Parking Garage and Rental Car Center

The parking garage and Rental Car Center will be opening for public use on May 27.  Features of the garage include:

  • The garage has 1200 parking stalls for the public, with 800 of those under cover
  • ADA accessible parking stalls are located on each level of the garage, nearest to the elevators
  • The rental car center parking area has about 400 stalls, all under cover
  • Located immediately to the parking area, there is a rental car customer service lobby which contains the counters for all 9 rental car agencies operating on the Airport
  • The vehicle entrance for the garage will be the same as currently used for Long-Term and Short-Term parking lots
  • The vehicle entrance for the rental car return area will move to be co-located with the new garage entrance
  • Customers walking between the new garage and rental car center will follow temporary pedestrian pathways to the current airline terminal until it closes and the new terminal opens
  • Once the new garage opens, the current Long-Term and Short-Term parking lots will be closed and no additional vehicles will be permitted to enter.  Vehicles already in those lots will be able to exit at the current cashier plaza.  Customers returning to the Long and Short Term lots from the current terminal will follow the same pedestrian path that they used to reach the terminal after parking.
  • When all of those vehicles have left the lots, that area will be placed under construction to build a new Economy parking lot, a new Close-In Automated lot, and an employee parking area.  Those lots should be completed later this fall.
  • Interim parking rates in the new garage are:

First 30 minutes free
$10 for Over 4 hours (maximum daily)

There is no limit to how long a customer may park.  Payment can be in the form of all major credit cards, debit cards, personal and traveler’s checks, and cash

Members of the Airport’s Thanks Again program can earn miles or points on the airline of their choice when using the parking garage.

See Construction Projects – Parking for more information about the future new parking improvements.

In addition to the parking garage, the Park & Ride lot is available.  The courtesy shuttle takes you to/from the terminal about every 10 minutes.  If you are picking up arriving guests, you may park free of charge in the cell phone lot. You may also take advantage of the first 30 minutes of FREE parking in the short-term lot. Handicap parking stalls are located in the short-term, long-term and park & ride lots. In accordance with federal laws, no vehicles may be parked unattended at the terminal curb or within 300 feet of the terminal building. Vehicles left unattended will be cited and are subject to removal at the owner’s expense. Vehicles may only park briefly at the terminal curb for active loading and unloading only.

Customers who park in any of our lots can receive assistance with finding their vehicle, unlocking a vehicle when the keys have been locked inside, airing up a low tire, or starting a vehicle which has a dead battery.   If you need assistance, call 316-946-4772.