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Please send all correspondence to the address below:

Wichita Airport Authority
2173 Air Cargo Rd.
Wichita, KS 67209

Administration office
Phone: (316) 946-4700

Lost and Found
Phone:  (316) 946-4740

ABM Parking:  (316) 946-4772

Airport Key PersonnelPosition
VICTOR D. WHITE, A.A.E.Director of Airports
E. BRADLEY CHRISTOPHER, A.A.E.Assistant Director of Airports
JOHN OSWALD, P.E.Manager of Airport Engineering and Planning
ROGER XANDERSChief, Airport Police and Fire
VALERIE WISEAir Service & Business Development Manager
JEAN ZOGLMAN, CPAFinance Manager
TRACI NICHOLSProperties & Contracts Manager
RYAN MILLERAirport Building & Utility Facilities Manager
SCOTT LOESCHAirport Ground Facilities & Fleet Manager
TY W. RICHARDSON, C.M., ACEAirport Operations Manager

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